Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) acting president, Mike Umeh has described as sheer desperation to hang on to power by AminuMaigari-led board the tenure extension granted to the boards of Nigeria Women, National and Nationwide leagues.

Maigari after its board executive meeting on Tuesday in Abuja stated in a communique that the boards of the Nigeria National League, Nigeria Women’s League and Nigeria Nationwide League have two more years to go before their elections having only come into office in January 2012.

However, available facts showed that the aforementioned leagues board elections actually took place in January 2011 at the Nicon Luxury Hotels, Abuja.

Umeh said the ‘Greek gift’ is mere carrot Maigari placed before the respective chairmen of the leagues to woo them to his side.

“The tenure extension to the board of Women, National and Nationwide leagues isMaigari’s latest desperate joker to fraudulently hang on to power.

“Maigari used the deceitful trick to woo the chairmen of the leagues to his side, he discovered albeit belatedly that he couldn’t muster the required minimum eight members to carry out his illegal claim of legitimacy.

“That’s why he granted tenure extension to the Women’s board chairperson, DilichukwuOnyedinma, NNL chairman, EmekaInyama and Nationwide’s Ahmed MuazuKawu who now shamelessly sing his praises.

“The trio were signatories to Maigari impeachment so what did they see in Maigari now that’s saintly which they didn’t see previously.

“Everything points to same direction – illicit quest to cling to power even when those involved know the path they’ve chosen to walk is wrong.

“Maigari is at the market place desperately courting, wooing and shamelessly begging equally desperate like minded persons to cross over to his camp.

“The league’s board had their elections in January 2011 for four-year term so why grant them one year extension instead of January 2015 that their tenure elapses,” asked Umeh to

Umeh has insisted that Maigari was lawfully impeached until a superior body; General Assembly vacates the sacking order as any decision(s) taken by him remains a nullity.

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