m_Abakambwe cricket team

An aspect of new talent was discovered at Kicukiro cricket ground on Saturday as the media cricket team took on the old timers team, Abakambwe in a social game.

Great performances from Usher Komugisha and Imfurayacu Jeanluc proved that the media team was serious. One Mukambwe Denis Mukama confessed to getting pressure after the media team posted over 100 runs in 15 overs.

The guest of honor Mr. Martin Koonce the CEO of CNOSR thanked Rwanda Cricket Association for giving journalists an opportunity to learn and play cricket.

The toss was won by Media Team who elected to bat

Media Team 105/7 in 15 overs lost to Abakambwe Team 106/2 in 14 overs by 8 wickets

Media team batting was led by Srinath Vardhineni 37 runs, Don Mugisha 19 runs.

Abakambwe bowling:  Charles Haba 3/05 and Samson Nkurunziza 2/13

Abakambwe batting: Uwamahoro Cathia 32 runs, Nkurunziza Samson 23 runs, Steven 18 runs, and Charles Haba 7 runs

Media bowling: Imfurayacu Jean Luc 0/13 in 3 overs.

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