Coach Cyril Kalima with KBC Players

Coach Cyril Kalima with KBC Players

 Coach Cyril Kalima has ended his seven-month stint at Kigali Basketball Club after misunderstandings with the club management.

“I resigned because there is lack of orderly management within the club. Everyone is supposed to have their own responsibilities but some people interfere with the duties of others and I can’t work in such a situation,” Kalima told Times Sport yesterday in a telephone interview.

However, KBC boss Rutajogerwa denied allegations of poor management at the club and said that Kalima left without explaining the reason for his decision to quit.

Kalima is a former player of APR (1996-2002), K.I.E (2002-2004) and coach-player at K.I.E from 2004 to 2012.


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