Ferwafa appoint Mulindahabi new CEO

Olivier Mulindahabi

Olivier Mulindahabi has replaced sacked Michel Gasingwa as the new Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Football Federation.

Rwanda Football Federation’s executive committee which sat on Wednesday afternoon approved Mulindahabi as the new local football chief after beating two contenders for the position.

In written and oral examinations held last week, Mulindahabi came on top, scoring 91.25% with Rayon Sports Secretary General Olivier Gakwaya coming second with 63.25% while former Basketball Federation Marketeer Innocent Karuhije secured 43.75% respectively.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Mulindahabi said, “It’s good news that I passed the exams for the new job. I am looking forward to new challenges  in the football sector and I believe we will ensure togetherness with the executive committee to elevate Rwandan football to a pleasing standard,”

Last month, Ferwafa terminated the contract of Michel Gasingwa after a three-year reign at the helm of the federation.Gasingwa held the role since 2011 when he replaced Jules Kalisa who resigned after an 8-year reign.

Mulindahabi, a lawyer by profession, will assume office on Monday and will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of Ferwafa, including the overall management of all staff and will be accountable to Ferwafa activities.

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