African football and black magic have always been associated, and over the years, the use or belief in its efficacy has reduced but now and again, certain incidents tend to show it may not go away.

Amazingly in the 21st century many teams and Players in Africa are still being suspected of using black magic in their matches both in the African Champions League as well as in their the local leagues trying to win trophies and attain glory.

It may well be that these teams or Players are merely playing on the fear of it’s efficacy and therefore playing mind games but the initial stages of the African Champions League was rife with these fears and many of these antics were caught on camera.

The first was in Morocco where Raja Casablanca played their second leg match against Horoya of Guinea and TV Camera caught their goalie when he put what the Moroccan media called “strange objects” in his goal.

Horoya won this game 5-4 after penalties and qualified for the pre-group stage after sending out last year’s Fifa Club World Cup runners-up.

In the same stage Deo Munish “Dida” Young Africans goalie was observed ‘sealing’ his goal with a a spool of thread in Alexandria before the Cairo based team removed it.

The Devils Walid Soliman revealed to how things unfolded. “I saw the Young Africans goalie do that before the kickoff on TV as I watched the game from home because I had an injury. I then called our team’s technical staff and revealed what I had seen. Rami Rabiea went to the goal and removed it and amazingly we went on to score through Sayed Moawad”.

Al Ahly midfielder Hossam Ashour is not sold about the total the efficacy of charms sharing ” Yes I do believe in black magic, but in our match against the Young Africans we were bad . We simply did not score because we were nervous and could not finish properly and not because of what Dida did”.

The Egyptian giants qualified to pre group stage after going on to win the clash 4-3 on penalties.


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