m_President Nkurunziza named Burundi’s best player and scorer in the 2012-2013 season

Pierre Nkurunziza during heating in 2009

The year 2013, a good harvest for the number one country in Hallelujah FC team. On his record, 28 matches played in different provinces of the country, 116 goals have been recorded, including 39 signed His Excellency.

If we should give a gold ball player Burundi’s Pierre Nkurunziza  should surely be awarded. One, it is he who is classified with all the honors ceiling of top scorers of the team. 39 goals in a single season.

And two, his brother playing style characterized by good dribbling, its efficiency, competence (despite age) and his bravery when the field … earned him the title of best player of 2013.

Willy Nyamitwe, Deputy Spokesperson of the President welcomes this consecration:

“This is a sign that does not deceive the fans of Burundi Soccer trust its excellence and recognize his good works.” Over 50 years, the number 9 Alleluia FC, Pierre Nkurunziza was interested in football since childhood. “A sports enthusiast talented football and cycling,” recalls S.Nduwayo, his childhood friend and former player of the national team.

Amateur sport at the point in further graduate studies, the number 1 Burundi, former coach of the Sporting Union, has always been among the best players in high school as in college. “He became President of the Republic, he recalled some of his former teammates who now form a new team called Alleluia CF veterans,” says M.Nyamitwe.

Sport is perceived by the President of the Republic as “an important tool for reconciliation and development.” So he created in 2004 (when he was Minister of State), the football school that currently oversees nearly 600 young people in training centers across the country.


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