Kevin Ishimwe

After a night clubbing scandal, Isonga’s midfielder Kevin Ishimwe has been shown the exit from the government sponsored club.

Ishimwe was sacked by the second division side high fliers Isonga Football Club what the Club termed as ‘intolerable’ behaviour.

The Club’s General Secretary Sandra Muhimpundu, said the 17-year old Ishimwe, who joined the club at the start of this season from Dream Team, has been released with immediate effect.

Muhimpundu states that the player, while on duty with Isonga in Burundi for the Messenger Academy tournament, which was sponsored by the Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza, held in Ngozi, left his teammates in camp for an unsanctioned night out contrary to the club’s strict rules and regulations.

“He left others in camp, went for a night out (last Friday) and only returned the next morning, which is unacceptable in Isonga FC and we cannot allow him to continue to be part of the team. Isonga is a family with vales,” she was quoted saying.

She went added: “It’s for that reason that I can confirm that Ishimwe is no longer playing for Isonga. He is not with us anymore. We have asked him to find another club after realising that he is not committed to club.”


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