Ferwafa agree to enhance football

Sports Minister Protais Mitali

The Ministry of Sports and Youth and Rwanda Football body, Ferwafa have had a lengthy talk aimed at enhancing the development of football in the country.

Speaking on Thursday, Minister Protais Mitali said, “We had a lengthy talk and we have asked them to ensure the development of the sport at all levels,”

“We want them to work efficiently such that all stakeholders can be brought on board; develop the sport from the grassroots, sustain other national teams,”

“We will support them and we have requested them to ensure that they acquire legal status such that they can officially be recognised which will actually help them in gaining trust from all stakeholders in terms of gaining sponsorship,” added Mitali.

Meanwhile, national teams will not be affected by the suspension of government support to sports federations and associations with no legal status, Times Sport has learnt.

The federations in question failed to beat the December 31, 2013 deadline to get legal status and, according to officials, they will henceforth not receive any support from the government and the National Olympic Committee (RNOC) until they get legal status.

Apart from football federations the other federations to be affected include Boxing, Ascoki, Badminton, Tennis, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Table Tennis, and Sports Scolaire.

The federations/associations that have attained legal status include; Kung-fu, Karate, Volleyball, Basketball, Cycling (provisional), National Paralympics Committee, Association Rwandaise des Médecins de Sports and Chess.

Meanwhile Ferwafa will only rely on grant money from the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), which amounts to US$250,000 per year (about Rwf170m) and other local sponsors to carry out their activities until they have sorted out their legal status.

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