Degaule officially starts new term

Degaule and Abegga at the handover ceremony

The new chairman of Rwanda Football Federation Vincent Degaule Nzamwita was given instruments of his office on Tuesday at a handover ceremony held at Ferwafa headquarters to signify his start of the four-year term in office.

Speaking at the event, Degaule said, “Apart from the usual recurring debts that the committee leaves at the end of its tenure, the rest of the work seems okay,”

“The out-going team did a tremendous job and we are looking forward to carry on where they stopped. We also seek to acquire legal status as soon as possible,”

He also said, “We need to work together, from the fans, journalists, leaders and everyone else involved with Rwandan football so that we build a stronger foundation for future successes,”

“It is for us to build strong structures; we have to have continuity from where the past leaders have stopped, already the foundation is there on which we can start to build our football for a better future,” he added.

Nzamwita’s win came as a surprise to many observers of Rwandan football who expected outgoing interim boss Celestin Ntangungira to win the election which attracted five candidates.

Nzamwita beat Ntangungira by six votes after garnering 19 votes against Ntangungira’s   13 votes.  SEC Academy proprietor Augustin Munyandamutsa, who had also been looked at by some observers as a possible winner, finished a distant third with just three votes, while outgoing vice president Raoul Gisanura Ngenzi and Jean Mbanda got one vote each.

The 44-year-old Nzamwita is now faced with a daunting task of taking Rwandan football to the proverbial next level at a time when Ferwafa finds itself in the spotlight.

Asked about his immediate predecessor, the new Ferwafa chairman said, “Ntagungira has done good things for our football in just two years and I will always need his help and support to achieve even greater things, not only him, but also the other (losing) candidates, we shall need their support too.”

He noted that there are good projects Ntagungira has started, and that, “We have to look at them and continue to make them stronger, we need to work together for the best of our country.”

He however, admitted that he would need to add more resources in the top division, second division, women league and academies, which would in turn, provide more and better footballers.

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