Rwandan MPs lose EALA semi final match

Rwanda Parliamentary Team


Uganda 2-0 Kenya

Eala 1-0 Rwanda

Rwandan MPs will go into Saturday’s bronze medal match with an aim of defeating Kenya to return back home with silverware after losing the semi final tie against Eala on Thursday at Lugogo stadium in Kampala.

The national team’s vice captain MP Jean-Marie Vianney Gatabazi said, “We put on a good performances but we were not lucky to find the net despite many opportunities.”

“We have now turned focus on Saturda’s bronze medal match. It is a must-win for us,” added Gatabazi.

Hosts and defending champions Uganda will meet Eala in Saturday’s final. Uganda beat Kenya 1-0 in the other semi final

The EAC (Eala) mooted the idea of the liaising with other Parliaments through football in 2001.  Then, EALA hosted a special tournament to mark the occasion of its establishment in Arusha, Tanzania.

However, it was not until November 2009 that EALA organised the initial Inter-Parliamentary football tournament. EALA has continued to organise the games as the coordinator and works closely with the hosting National Assembly/Parliament to ensure successful tournaments.

The EAC Speakers at their 4th Speakers’ Forum held in the same month agreed to have the Inter-Parliamentary games held on an annual and rotational basis. At the same time, the Speakers’ Forum urged all National Assemblies/Parliaments to have a permanent budget line for the tournament.

EALA has institutionalized the tournament in its calendar of activities. The tournament currently features football and netball. The opportunity is also used to hold other activities in the social, intellectual and political fields.

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