THE Ministry of Sports and Culture through Rwanda Football Association has entered in partnership with World Football Governing body, Fufa to start a Clinical Center for the athletes in January 2015.

The FIFA medical commission chairman Dr. Yassin Zerguini from Algeria who was in Rwanda for a four-day working visit recently held talks with Rwanda Football Federation to devise means on how they can start the project of building the Clinical Center, which will be aimed at giving full medication to injured players.

In his remarks, the Ministry of Sports and Culture Protais Mitali said, “Our mission is to ensure the best health and performance of the athletes through the continuous pursuit of new knowledge and application of best practices in the field of sports medicine.”

The center will be of high international standard and players will no long go for the operations in France or outside of the country.

According to the Yassin Zerguini, the program is unique in its team approach to health care. This will be provided by the Athletic Trainers, Team Physicians, Physical Therapists and Sport Scientists all collaborate on the care provided to each athlete.

It will have the team physicians to provide diagnosis, treatment, arrange for consultations, order lab tests; x-rays and MRIs, biomechanics and physiology equipment which will help athletes.

The athletes will have physical therapists designed with specific programs for rehabilitation and communicate directly with the athletic trainer, physician, and strength and conditioning coaches.

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