FIFA World Cup trophy

FIFA World Cup trophy

AFTER hosting the authentic FIFA World Cup Trophy in October, 2009, Rwanda will not host the FIFA World Cup trophy for the second time. This year’s largest and longest global tour which will cover 88 countries was released this month.

The 2013 tour is part of the 267 globe-trotting journey of the 6.175Kg 18 carrat trophy which began its journey in Brazil. The World tour kicked off at the Christ The Redeemer Statue which is located at Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil on November 1.

In Africa, the trophy with a base, depicting two humans holding up the Earth will kick off its 20 day tour, when it enters the continent through Egypt (Nov 14-16) then proceeds to Tunisia, Algeria and finally ends its North African tour in Morocco.

After Morocco (Nov 23-24), the cup will head to Ghana (Nov 25-26) then to Kenya (Nov 27-28) and Tanzania (Nov 29-30) enroute to South Africa back to Brazil where it is expected on December 6.

The last time the trophy visited Rwanda was back in 2009 ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted in South Africa.

Four years ago, President Paul Kagame was the only personality who touched the trophy as a mammoth of fans only had a privilege of taking photos with the trophy which was designed in 1974 after the original one was stolen in Brazil.

The World Cup will ultimately be battled by 32 nations at next year’s World Cup finals to be held in Brazil.


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