m_FIFA ask Ugandan FA to make changes

Edgar Watson

 FIFA has asked the Uganda FA to make changes in five key areas if they hope to develop and promote the sport better.

 Edgar Watson, the FA’s Chief Executive Officer, confirmed to MTNFootball.com on Wednesday that the FIFA team, led by the Development Officer for Eastern and Southern Africa, Ashford Mamelodi, asked them early this week to make changes quickly.

 The five FIFA members, including consultants who were in Uganda for one week to carry out appraisal and audit of the FA’s operations, included Mamelodi, Sue  Destombes, Govinden Thondoo, Diamil Faye and Patrick Onyango.

 “We have been asked to make changes on our technical approach, general football management, marketing and communication, governance, league and clubs,” explained the FA CEO.

 FIFA asked to see an improvement within the next two to four years in the aspects identified as weak areas. Watson said the coming of the FIFA team of experts will help Uganda a lot in the long run because they now know where the major weaknesses are and can start addressing them.

 Mamelodi said last week that the audit and appraisal system, which FIFA has just started, is not forced on all member federations.

 “Uganda asked us to come and carry out the audit and we expect them to follow what we have asked them to do,” he said.


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