Cycling competition takes place in very high hills

Emile Bintunimana a Rwandan cyclist came 2nd in the 2nd round of the cycling competition that took place last week on Thursday on the 20th/06/2013 around the Democratic Republic of Congo, which still gave him 2nd place in the general cycling competition.

Bintunimana came 2nd after Clain Médéric a French, and was followed by Dukua Bumba from Congo.

The 1st winner was clothed in a yellow garment which is normally worn by the best competitor in the general competitions.

Médéric took 1st place from Rwanda’s Emmanuel Rudahunga who was best on the 1st day of the competition, but later got an accident that forced him not to participate well on the 2nd day of the competition.

Rudahunga got the accident 50km from the start, and finished among the last competitors at 94km, but came 4th in the general competition with Hassan Rukundo another Rwandan, after Tanzania’s Gerrard Gondo.

Congo that has about 18 competitors has not seen much chances of winning since its best competitor Mimbole Matondo took on the 8th place with Dukua Bumba at the 9th.

The 2nd round of the competition took place in very high hills, with many accidents evident as said by Okapi radio from DRC.


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