The youth in Kigeme Refugee Camp which is providing refugee to Congolese refugees were given sports equipment on the 16th.Dec.2012 to promote togetherness among them and entertainment.

The youth who say have spent a long time in loneliness because of no entertainment facility and instead could idle around the area moving aimlessly but now this problem is solved and they are yet to settle in one area as Benjamin Karembera the president of refugees in Kigeme refugee Camp explained.

Kigeme youth get sports equipment

Celestin Niyomugabo one of the youth excitedly said; “we are very happy for this for we had spent many days in loneliness everyone going wherever he can idling around this area. But now we are going to be playing and get to know each other well thanks to the equipment we got.”

The president of the refugees said that the youth was becoming restless and idlers because of lack of occupation but now they will be entertained with different sports.

Sports is a way of making the refugee youth escape the life of refugees they are trapped in and the bad moments they experienced and to build hope in themselves as Patricia Otiato the secretary who represented UNHCR in this function explained.

Otiato said; “after knowing how the refugeesare4 living and the experiences they passed through, sports is a way to share ideas, get together, relax and rebuild themselves and get hope for a better future, a need to try new things and to get to know t their talents and capabilities. Sports will also be a platform for all of them with no discrimination but just the will.”

The youth showed concern of lack of play grounds to use in playing except that of volley ball only and the one they had been using for football is in very worse situation. Otiato said that they are looking for ways to renovate the football play ground with the support of local authorities.

“We are still figuring out how to renovate it, we are going to approach of local authorities that has always supported us whenever we need a facility in this cell. Mean while Volley ball playground will be used and basket ball play ground is still a problem to find.” Otiato explained.

The sports tools were given with the support of International Olympic Committee and Sum sung and they include balls for football, volley ball, Basketball, volley net and sports clothes.



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