Few stadiums in Nyabihu could be the problem to low sports in the district

Few stadiums in Nyabihu could be the problem to low sports in the district

The district of Nyabihu is one of the districts in the Western province with about 12 sectors,72 cells and 473 villages. The district has hills and the speakers do go to about 535km

This district is one with in the many districts that has few stadiums compared to the other districts of Musanze and Rubavu. Still you find that these districts have teams that are one of the best in Rwanda like Musanze FC1, Musanzena FC, Marine and Etincelle 1 Rubavu.

“The district of Nyabihu has two stadiums of foot ball that are in Rambura and Bigogwe, there are no other stadiums that fulfill the requirements of a good stadium. And still, this district has no good football teams that can play well with the other district’s teams because of bad communication”, said Bosco Murwanashaka.

The two stadiums still serve as play grounds for other sports except for the one at the house of the youths in Karago.The other play grounds are found in schools, where by the youths are sometimes not allowed to go to these school to carry out their activities, as said by one of the youths talked to from Mukamira sector in Rubaya cell.

“This problem of few play grounds is caused by a lot of problems which include Nyabihu being situated in hills which becomes a problem to construct stadiums, “said Murwanashaka, adding on that there is still another problem of few microphones in the district which does affect the sports there.

He added on that on the sports, entertainment and culture part, the district plus the sectors’ leadership do perceive it and are going to go sector to sector calling on youths to join sports, therefore every sector will get football team and also the district will include this program in their financial year’s budget so that they can get a strong district team.






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