The Rwanda cycling team, will attend this year’s Tour do Rio, which will take place from 29th August to 2nd September 2012 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. The tour is one of the international tournaments approved by UCI. This will be the second consecutive time that Rwanda attends the tour.

The tour will bring together 9 teams which will contest the race in 5 stages. It is expected that on 25th August the team will leave for Brazil. They consist of Nathan Byukusenge, Ruhumuriza Abraham, Hadi Janvier, Biziyaremye Joseph, Rudahunga Emmanuel and Habiyambere Nicodem. Obed Ruvogera who is based in the United States will link up with the team in Brazil. Ruvogera has been in the US where he’s taking extra training regarding massage.

Contesting teams are: Bike Aid from Germany, EPM-Une from Colombia, Jamis Sutter Home from USA, KTM-Murcia from Spain, Italy’s Petroli Firenze, Team Ecuador Ciclismo from Ecuador, Team Type 1 from USA, Team Rwanda and USM-Skechers from Chile.

Tour do Rio is part of America tour and is ranked as 2.2 on UCI scale.



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