Ndahiro Brian and Habiyambere Ernest stormed to a surprise victory in Burundi winning the doubles final in ITF/CAT 14 and Under 12 African junior tournament that has been going on for a week. The same fate was repeated by Ndibwami Jules and Habiyambere Ernest who won the corresponding U-14 category to claim the first spot.

Speaking to umukino.com Rutikanga Sylvain, the country’s U-14 coach said that it was an improvement from the country’s performance given the way their Burundian counterparts have always had an upper hand. He said, “We are happy because we are going to improve on our ranking. The results clearly show the amount of effort the federation as put into the sport and we’ll keep on improving day by day.”

Meanwhile Habiyambere Ernest who won the first leg of the U-14 singles category has reached the finals again for the second leg and is waiting to find out who his next opponent will be.

The tournament is held annually by Comité Africain de Tennis, CAT in conjunction with International Tennis Federation, ITF who also use the results in ranking players. Winners also receive medals as a sign of recognition for their participation.






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