The Rwandan Olympic team has flown to London, Britain ahead of the Olympic Games scheduled for July 27th to August 12th 2012. The contingent that left includes long distance runners, the Paralympics volleyball and power lifting teams as well as Judo and swimming team. Only Adrien Niyonshuti failed to travel with the team as he continues his training in Switzerland.

After being given the national flag by the Minister for Sports and Culture, Hon. Mitali Protais, the team was briefly addressed by the latter giving them his blessings ahead of a tough road in London. He said, “You have been trusted with the responsibility of flying the Rwandan flag high in your quest to win medals. You are not going as tourists but as contenders with the world’s best.”

He added, “You have the trust and blessings of the whole country and we wish you all the best. And this goes to the Paralympics team as well that will be in action later on August.”

In a ceremony that was attended by different dignitaries, journalists and sports lovers, the minister then handed over the national flag to the team.

The London Olympic Games kick off from Friday July 27th to Sunday August 12th, while the Paralympics Games kick off August 29th to September 9th. the Paralympics team has been eavily tipped to perform better compared to other participants, having qualified early on to prepare adequately for the events.




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