Rwanda’s judo fighter Fred Yannick Uwase Sekamana marked a poor start to this year’s Olympic Games as he lost to Brazilian Bruno Mendoca in the round of 32 of the judo competition on Monday in North Arena 2 stadium in London.

The 18-year old Sekamana lost the contest to Brazilian Brundo Mendoca in 54 seconds after the 12th ranked athlete used Okuri-Eri-Jime technique to knock him out with much ease.

This was undoubtedly the end of the road for a medal hunt in judo for Sekamana who was making his debut in the Olympic games.

Okuri-Eri-Jime is one of the twelve constriction techniques of Kodokan Judo in the Shime-Waza list.

Okuri-eri-jime means the sliding collar strangle. Mendoca took hold with the hand around Sekamana’s neck and pulled across and the other hand pulled the collar downwards leaving referee Hassine Noureddine with no choice but to call off the contest.

The judging pair of Cortes Jose Manuel and Osako Akinobu awarded the Brazilian winning point of IPO (100-000) for executing perfectly in the sparring competition.

Mendoca will face the winner between France’s Legrand Ugo and Hafiz Hussein of Egypt in the quarter finals.

Sekamana said, “I lost to an experienced competitor and this was good for my career because i have gained experience and hope to be much stronger in the next competitions,”

“I wont give up but i will go back to France and double my efforts after the Olympics,” added Sekamana in a telephone interview from London yesterday.

Rwanda’s next charge for silverware will be on Thursday when two-time Olympian Jackson Niyomugabo takes part in the 50-metres freestyle preliminaries at the Aquatics centre.

Niyomugabo is confident on improving his Beijing Games performance were he failed to go past the preliminaries. He’s back four years later and is hoping for a better performance in London.

“I want to win a medal this time. And why not? After all the things that have happened to me anything is possible,” Niyomugabo said recently.

Niyomugabo’s qualifying time was around six seconds slower than the leading contenders in the sport’s quickest Olympic race.

He will take the pool against swimmers from Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, American Samoa, Cameroon and Djibouti, and will have to improve drastically on his times to progress to the semifinals.

His female counterpart, 16-year-old Alphonsine Agahozo, is also set to compete in the women’s 50-meter freestyle on Friday.

Runners Robert Kajuga will compete in 10000m men’s final on August 4; Mukasakindi will participate in the 10,000m women’s final on August 5 while Jean Pierre Mvuyekure and Adrien Niyonshuti will complete the competition scheduled for Rwanda on August 12 competing in full marathon and mountain bike respectively.


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