The team of girls who are handicapped in Gicumbi district has won the National champions award as Betty Nyinawabantu on the 20th.July.2012, the captain of the team confirmed.

She said that being handicapped does not mean they are incapable of doing what others can do. They won the 1st award and Rwf 500.000 money plus the award of the best player in Seat ball and seating volley ball.

Handicapped Girls’Gicumbi team was in the 1st position after winning over Kivu team which had won the 2011 award. This team was won over in Seat ball and seating volley ball only by the boys Intwari team of Gasabo district which won 2 awards with Rwf one million.

Taking this award added on their confidence and they are sure that they will win over the next games. They appreciated the support of the executive secretary of Gicumbi district who has been with them throughout the games they have played.


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