Rurangayire Guy, the Technical Director for Rwanda Karate Federation has flown to United States of America, to up his karate skills by acquiring an additional Dan. Guy, who is a third Dan, flew on Tuesday morning for a five-day training course that will see him become a fourth Dan, should he successfully complete the training.

Umukino.com managed to talk to one of his closest allies during their karate days, veteran Bigango Valentin, who is a second Dan. Valentin said that it would impressive if Guy was to acquire an additional Dan since he also has a post in karate federation.

He said, “So far we don’t have many people who have reached at that level. We have Sinzi Tharcisse who is a sixth Dan and a few others who are fifth Dan. Hopefully he will continue to improve his level.”

It is expected that after the training, participants will pass a promotion exam that will see Guy promoted to the fourth Dan, should he successfully pass the exam. The training which will start from 11th to 15th July shall take place in San Diego California.

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