Bury St Edmunds  Cyclists arrive in Rwanda

A team of three cyclists who set out to cycle from Bury St Edmunds, to Kigali arrived in the country on July-0 2 in the afternoon.

Peter White, 31, from Bury St Edmunds; Peter Goodwin, 29, from Colchester; Julian Claxton, 31, from Lowestoft, reached the end of their 6,000 mile and 70 day cycle ride to raise money for Sport For Rwanda.

They were scheduled to be received by Ministry of Sports and Culture, local Olympic body, UK embassy in Rwanda officials at Novotel hotel before holding a press conference at Amahoro stadium by press time.

Residents and schoolchildren also welcomed them as they rode from Northern Province border to Kigali.

The Cycle 2 Rwanda team has faced many obstacles including illness, technical difficulties, equipment malfunctions and the grueling mileage and deserts of the Sudan.

Goodwin said: “The trip has been one of extremes. Extreme highs and lows, emotionally, physically and geographically. From the very best days when the bikes are in good shape, we are in good shape, the weather is kind, the people are kind and you have time to enjoy what surrounds you – to the days when everything seems to be against you, whether it is the wind, the 50 degree heat or the 12 percent gradients – you know only one thing… you have to keep going.

“What the trip means has changed as it evolves, you pass through each country and you have new realizations. I think our arrival in Rwanda will give us the perspective we need when we meet the children we did this for and it will allow us the hindsight we need to truly understand what it has done for us personally.”

The Rwandan Olympic and Paralympic teams will train in Bury, in July and August, before leaving for the Olympic Village in London.

The Sport For Rwanda appeal was set up as part of a project to leave a lasting legacy and relationship between Bury St Edmunds and Rwanda beyond 2012.

The appeal aims to raise £80,000 to leave a lasting legacy in 140 schools in the country by giving them sports equipment, a place to store it and educational materials to help teachers.

This appeal will give more than 100,000 schoolchildren the ability to take part in sport.

The team hopes to raise around £10,000 for the appeal and have cycled through Europe before flying across the water to Egypt and continuing through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda to Rwanda.



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