On the 16th.June.2012, Mukura Victory Sport will commemorate the football fans  killed in the 1994 genocide against Tutsi with the help of 4 teams that will be first in 2012 Rwanda champions.



Every year, Mukura Victory Sport commemorates the players, administrators and fans of its team that were killed in genocide.  In this year 2012, they changed this act by calling it commemorating all fans of football that were killed in 1994 genocide against Tutsi so that all people can participate in it.


As Olivier Mulindahabi the general secretary of Mukura Victory Sport said that with the support of FERWAFA, they invited APR FC which was the 1st, Police FC the 2nd, Mukura Victory Sport which was the 3rd and Rayon Sport which was the 4th team in the champions.


In the last year, many teams could not respect the invitations given especially giving excuses that their players are in vacations and the fact that there was n o budget prepared for that, Mukura Victory Sport would find it difficult to commemorate.


This is one of the reasons why Mukuru decided to seek FERWAFA’s support so that this competition is valued the way it is supposed to be as Mulindahabi explained.


“It has been difficult for us in the last years where teams could not participate but now we have hope as we invited teams with the help of FERWAFA and we hope to get a positive response from these teams very soon. We also decided to change the name of this deed from Mukura only to the National level so that every Rwandan can participate in it.”


Mukindagabi went on to explain that in case a certain team doesn’t participate in this commemoration, it will not change the program because have already written asking to participate in this event and they are hoping that things will go as planned.


Games are planned to start on the 16th.June.2012 at Amahoro stadium in Remera with the teams in the first half playing and the teams which will win will play in finals on the following day.


In a way of encouraging teams to participate in this event, Mukura Victory Sport with the help of FERWAFA prepared a cup and the money for the first team but this amount of money is not yet known but it is still in discussion with the council in charge.



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