Four local athletes have began a two-week training camp at Ngogo High Altitude training centre in Kenya in preparation for the forthcoming Senior African Athletics Championship in Porto-Nova, Benin scheduled for June 26 to July 1.


Robert Kajuga, Claudette Mukasakindi, Emmanuel Ntakiyimana and Jean Pierre Mvuyekure will train alongside elite Kenyan runners as they bid to get thorough preparations for the African championships that will aid their quest of getting minimum qualifications for the London 2012 Olympic Games.


Kajuga, who finished third in Kigali International Peace marathon, will compete in the 10.000m category in Benin, while Jean Kanyangara will run in the 100m. Mukasakindi and Cyriaque Ndayikengurukiye will also take part in the 10.000m women’s category.


The 18th edition of the event will attract top runners on the continent but Kajuga, speaking before the team’s departure on Friday, said the incentive of taking part in the London Olympics will “inspire me to get the minimum qualifications in the event.”


Only Mvuyekure has attained the minimum required time to compete in the London Games and with just over two months left, it appears as time is running for Rwanda to qualify more athletes.


Cyclist Adrien Niyonshuti has also qualified. However, Rwanda’s main hope for a medal lay elsewhere in the Paralympics Games where the country will be represented in athletics, power lifting and sitting volleyball.



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