Preparations for this year’s International Peace Marathon are almost finished, according to reports from the Rwanda Athletics Federation, FRA. The competition which will be held on 27th May in Kigali is expected to attract runners from a host of countries from the region including Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Rwanda. Burundi has not yet confirmed their participation.


The race is the eighth of its kind and according to reports from the federation, there will be improvements from last year’s competition including improving on time keeping, reduction of disorderliness among others. Though not on the list of IAAF competitions that grant runners the required minima to participate in other elite races such as the Olympic Games, the International Peace Marathon has slowly but steadily gained fame in the region, and many, previously, unknown runners came to the limelight as a result of it. In Rwanda Kajuga Robert is one typical example.

Kajuga rose to prominence at last year’s International Peace Marathon, and has never looked back since then.

Runners will cover a distance of 4km and 2km in the marathon and semi-marathon respectively.





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