Some might label it ludicrous, others might call it improbable but yes, the age of discovery of collective games in not over -At least not yet. 25-year old Dushimeyezu Jean Luc has invented a rare kind of ball game that implies the use of both hands and feet to play. The game which he named “Bloanball” is as similar to modern football as it is different to it in so many ways. Jean Luc says at first he was inspired by the desire to make money in inventing the game, but along the way the passion to stand out as a pioneer of the game overrode his impetuous lust for cash.

In an interview with Luc told how he is an ardent fan of football. He continued to say that somehow he felt the desire to put a mark in the world of ball games and come up with a game that will be his own invention. He said, “It all started at the end of November last year (in 2011) when I thought of the game. The following month I started drafting its rules.”



The game is played in a slightly smaller pitch than that of football with 6 players fielded in each team. The pitch is divided into two halves with each half sub-divided into three parts. The first part closer to the goalkeeper is the penalty zone. The opponent player is not allowed to touch the ball with his hands and can only score a legitimate goal with his foot. The second part further from the goal, the opponent can touch the ball with hands but only when he scores using his foot can the goal be allowed. The third and final part can be described as a free zone, where an opponent can use both his legs and hands to pass and score.

Rwanda Dushimeyezu Jean Luc

Dushimeyezu Jean Luc

Jean Luc so far has two teams which he founded when he went to the Ministry of Sports for recognition and was told to first set up teams that will participate in the game.

He said, “Setting up teams would also mean I will be able to show to the spectators how the is played. It however requires the necessary equipment which we are currently lacking. So far we don’t have the attire, the shoes and other sporting equipment.” He also added that he has already moved forward to seek a trademark and protection rights for the sport which he says, he hopes, in a few years’ time will be very popular.

For more information about the sport, Jean Luc can be reached on his contact number 0788260204 and on his facebook account: Jean Luc Da Bloan. On Twitter, he can be reached at Jean Luc the Bloan.






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