The Rwanda Tennis Federation has revealed its latest programme to develop young talent in the sport. In an interview with, the vice president and technical director Mr. Aimable Mugarura said that the federation has had problems in the past but added that it was moving forward in order to put in place a strong federation that will oversee tennis affairs run smoothly.

Rwanda Tennis Federation President Twagiramungu Fabien

Rwanda Tennis Federation President Twagiramungu Fabien

Aimable said, “In the past the committee was not strong enough and as a result the activities of the federation were limited.”

Asked why tennis had not been popular in the country, Aimable said that it was partly due to the problems that had been rocking the federation, but also added that “it is important for the media to play its role in making it popular.”

“We want to make the sport known to as many people as possible and bring it down to youth level to promote young talent because they are more promising than the older folks”, he continued.

There are currently over 10 tennis clubs in the whole country that are under the umbrella of the federation. The federation is headed by Twagiramungu Fabien as the president while Mugarura Aimable is the vice president as well as the technical director.


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