Kajuga Robert, one of the most promising athletes in the country is set to continue with his impressive performances in 5000 and 10000m long distance running when he sets off for the Africa Championships that will be held in Benin on 27th May.

Kajuga was an unknown figure until last year when he ran in Kigali Marathon and he says he’s prepared to face the world’s best in the Championships. So far Kajuga does not have a manager but believes with determination and hard work he will get one soon. He has also set his eyes to attend a similar event that will be held in Kenya at the Nyayo Stadium and says that he dreams of landing a deal to run for a club outside the country as this will help him get exposed and hopefully get a qualified manager.


He said, “I gained invaluable experience from Morocco which has served as a morale booster for the upcoming championships in Benin. I think I will pull out my best performance.” The twenty six-year old best running time stands at 1:01:50.





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