Former president of Rwanda Tennis Federation François Ruterana has revealed he was “betrayed” by his own committee members whom they were elected together to run the country’s Tennis affairs.


Speaking through the phone to, Ruterana revealed that they were elected to the committee as nine members, but continued to say that only three of them were active in the day to day running of the federation. He said, “People are elected so that they work as a team but it is unfortunate that when you start working you find yourself alone. It was a lie because three people cannot perform the duties of nine people.”

He continued, “We worked for the first two years but it was really difficult because we were alone.”

He also added that his reign as president of the federation was marked by great achievements saying that he resigned when the federation was planning to put in place a Tennis school at Remera to teach young children who would wish to learn the sport.


Mr. Ruterana resigned on 19th February this year in a general assembly meeting together with the majority of his committee members after serving only two years. The federation is currently being run by Theoneste Karenzi as President, Kassim Ntageruka and Theonest Bahati as first and second vice presidents respectively whereas Justin Rwema Mwanafunzi was elected Secretary General in a general assembly meeting that was held on 18th March this year. The committee will have a term of four years.


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