AS Muhanga the  Muhanga district football team last Tuesday February 28 didn’t perform well during the game with Unity FC at its playground where it could not manage to get 3 points since the game ended on a nil on both sides.

Rwanda AS Muhanga loses to Unity FC

Muhanga AS is in 2nd division. Last year  it  moved to the 1st division but could not mantain its place and went back to 2nd division. Football fans in Muhanga were not happy with the end result of the gameg since their dream is to see their team back in the 1st division where it will be playing with strong teams like APR FC and Rayon sport.

Sosthene commonly known as Rumumba the coach of AS Muhanga said that the reason behind their losing the game is the fact that two of his goal winning players Sugira and Bakame who got red cards in their previous games.

Rumumba went on to say that he has few players as he didn’t add in new players in the last phase. His players are exhausted because of many games they have been playing.

He said that they are hopeful that the team will be doing well though they have shortcomings due to financial problems and of which the management is trying to solve.

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