The Rwanda National Athletics Federation is seeking the services and sponsorship from Super Sport, the  South African based sports channel, to cover the Kigali Marathon due to be held in May this year.

The marathon that draws participants from all over the world is expected to draw a much bigger spectacle should Super Sport agree with the Rwandan federation to cover the event.


Conflict in leadership


Even though this may come as good news to the Rwandans and participants of the tournament in general, all is not well within the hierarchy of the federation. So far there have been battles at the helm of the federation, with both Louis Rurangirwa and Alexander Kayitsinga claiming to be the recognized representatives and presidents of RFA. Mr. Rurangirwa, who was until last year the 1st vice president until the then President Supt. Gerald Ntare resigned for his “personal” reasons, has been behind this move to lure Super Sport into covering this event.


And this parallel leadership hasn’t been made easier by the fact that both presidents are recognized by two different institutions that have continuously failed to resolve this stalemate. Mr. Rurangirwa is recognized by the International Association of Athletics Federations (I.A.A.F), the world’s athletics governing body, while the Ministry of Sports and culture insists Mr. Kayitsinga is the duly recognized president of the federation, having been appointed by the then Minister Protais Mitali through an interim committee which was set up by athletics federation General Assembly.


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