More business companies eyeing for Rwandan

Niyonshuti Adrien Niyonshuti  on a racing bike

 Companies are scooping for a Rwandan champion in bike racing Adren Niyonshuti for advertisement of their valuable products and services.

 The champion who is who is currently performing tremendously  in the bicycle cycling continental championships, has  signed a new advertising contract with SIDI a company that has long been supporting Rwanda’s national team(Team Rwanda)

Information from (FERWACY) Rwanda’s association in charge of bicycle cycling revealed that Niyonshuti Adrien will be advertising for SIDI by wearing shoes with the company’s labels. The revealed information continued to explain that the signed contract will not conflict with the previous contracts Niyonshuti Adrien had signed with MTN Qhubeka which advertises for MTN.    

“My terms and conditions with MTN for 2012 allow me to wear shoes with other companies label whereas what I wear on the upper body should advertise MTN brand. I will wear shoes with SIDI label in the coming 2012 Olympic championships in USA” Niyonshuti revealed.


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