Football fans in the Eastern district of Rwamagana have requested the province leadership to uphold and strengthen their team, Sunrise Football Club.

Rwamagana  Fans call for 

The fans say that their province had been left behind as far as sports are concerned because they did not have a team to call their own till the province leadership created Sunrise team last year in collaboration with the local population.

They say that the initiative has begun to yields results because the new team is first on the list in the second division championship.

The fans are however, worried that the team if not strengthened and supported by the current leadership would not qualify again for the second division national league.

They gave examples of teams like KIST and UNR which failed because the leaders who had born the idea left.

The fans requested that the new team’s existence be rooted on everybody’s willingness to build a winning team of all times.

Sunrise FC has so far played seven matches in the second division and has won six of them. It is now top on table, but remaining with one match with Musanze district team this Sunday.

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