Muhanga  Parents clients concerned

Parents and clients in Muhanga district in the Southern Province have raised concerns about the New African Gamming solutions (NAGS) a gaming company with operations in the area.

The game’s clients who are dominated by youths say that they are losing a lot of money and time every day, while parents are concerned that the games are an obstruction to their school going children.

Youths in this town say however, that even though they are experiencing these inconveniences, they have become addicted and cannot do without the games where most are always hoping to hit a jackpot.

The games are played using redeemable coin slot machines. One can gain or lose according to their luck as it is widely believed by the clients of these games. The machines are normally found at entertainment places like bars, casinos and night clubs.

In Muhanga, the games are played especially by the youth who are casual laborers that come to try their luck.

Even though the rules are that no student is allowed to participate in the games, truth on the ground is that many are found in these places something that is increasingly worrying parents.

According to Froduard Minani a regular NAGS client, even though he loses a lot of money at the machines, he cannot easily quit.

The games are so addictive. Winning is so rare, but the moment you hit a jackpot, u forget all the losses u have incurred in the past,” says Minani who confesses to have lost his job due to NAGS.

Some of the parents who spoke to our reporter expressed concern over the growing love for the games amongst school going children. The rates for one to buy coins go for as low as 100Rwf.

“Some of our children are missing classes and spending most of their after school time in the gaming places,” says John Munderere, a parent of three school going children.

On the side of the management of NAGS in Muhanga, the games are not illegal because they were certified by Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and are meant to develop the youths because the company supports the Ministry of Youth financially.

They also refuted the claims that the games are gambling, saying that it cannot be because the government of Rwanda does not accept gambling.


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