Not doing any form of sports on Kigali’s beautiful streets with disco lights like traffic lights and well paved walk ways is a loss. Disappointingly, the majority of people found jogging are foreigners with a few number of Rwandans. It seems, Rwandans have not been compelled enough to understand the importance of sports.

Well, if you the kind of person who strongly believed in walking as your only sport. Try Jogging too because a new study shows that running is less tiring and more beneficial health wise for human muscles than a mere walk.

A research team from North Carolina State University noted that walking fast makes the muscle work harder but provides less energy, with this inefficiency ultimately decreasing our stamina. Conversely jogging at a speed of 2m/s prompted the muscle to change its length more slowly, providing more power even though it isn’t working as hard, reports the Daily Mail.

This is the reason why, apart Olympic race walkers, people generally find it more comfortable to run than walk when they start moving at around 2 Meters per second equivalent to 7 Kilometers per hour.

The muscle can’t catch up to the speed of the pace as you accelerate your walking speed. But when you switch from walking to running, that same muscle becomes almost static and doesn’t seem to change its behavior very much as you run faster and faster.

More and more researches have shown that sports is life and therefore given the Kigali streets’ lights that are never turned off, every Rwandan citizen should be involved at least in this easy to-do sport.


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