Youth in Rural areas have always been characterised by convergingatplay grounds toplay the afternoonaway. But this practice has waned in Gakenke district due to lack of materialslikeplayingballs.

This wasconfirmed by the offical in charge of youths in Gakenke district IldephonseYamuragiye.

« The youth I represent have lostinterest in footbalbecausethey dont have materials, » hesiad in an interview.

He continues to saythatthere are several teams atbothcell and sectorlevels, but because of those challenges, theycan not holdfriendly matches.

Severalvisits to play grounds show students and the working class the only people atthese grounds, but those the illeterateyouth are nowherenear the grounds as used to be the case.

Divin Bamusange, 18 saysthat the district has willingyouthwho are even capable of building a strong team, but lacknecessarymaterials.

This kind of redundancesomesayisdangerous to the youthbecauseitmayescalate the alreadyprevailingproblemoifalcahol and drug abuse becausethereisnothing to pre-occupythem.

Gakenkeis one of the teams that dont have a team beit in the first or second division whileitscounter parts likeMusanze, Nyamagabe and huye have teams.




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