Rwandans now have the opportunity to get rich quickly by participating in a new lottery game called ‘Fortune 5’ introduced by the Rwanda National Lottery.

Members of the company visited Nyamagabe district, Southern Province of Rwanda to officially launch the game and to brief local residents on how it is played.

The Managing Director of Rwanda National Lottery Phillip Wong from Hong Kong explained that the company is in Rwanda to contribute to the nation’s good causes, through corporate social responsibility programs.

Wong further said that the new ‘Fortune 5’ game is better than other games introduced in Rwanda before. “If you buy a ticket worth 500 Rwandan francs, then you have five chances of winning and that is the reason why it is called fortune five”.

After acquiring information about the new game, some interested people in Nyamagabe district were able to test their gambling skills by tabling little of their money in search for more. Kabandana Innocent is among those who tried their luck.

“I came with 10,000 Rwanda francs hoping to win at least 100,000 Rwandan francs. I bought the first ticket and fortunately won one thousand. I continued and won five thousand. I went on to play the game until all the 10,000 I had come with got finished”.

According to the rules governing this game, when an individual wins less than 100,000 francs, he or she walks away with the money immediately but when the amount won is above 100,000 francs, the winner has to call the number 4151 for registration and later collect the cash.


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