Rwanda has a plan of promoting all government sectors in 6 years including sports. In 6 years Rwanda will have developed in sports and even infrastructure. Some of the objectives of Rwanda are to be one of the best foot ball teams in Africa and having a stadium that accommodates 60,000 people.

This was said by the Prime minister, Pierre Damien Habumuremyi, when he was presenting to the parliament the important things to be done by the government of Rwanda in 6 years.

He also said that apart from having the best football team, volleyball and basket ball teams will be in the best 3 teams in Africa. Concerning infrastructure, he said the government is going to build a big stadium that will be holding 60.000 people, but where it is going to be built and when they will start building it is not yet known. They will also build a covered stadium where hand ball will be played and another stadium for different games (village olympique) in Nyanza.  Different stadiums will be enlarged and new ones will be built.

Concerning having the best players, they will introduce good play grounds and schools for practicing in all districts and encouraging local leaders to strengthen sports and having money meant for sports.

The government of Rwanda will keep on inviting investors to promote sports. Sports academies will be introduced and there will be an exemplary academy in every province for sports. In a way of preparing good players, trainings will be given to people who teach physicals and experienced coaches will be hired. There will be a program of including children with disabilities in sports in schools that are meant for that and bringing out the talents in them and the gorvenment will give them a follow up. The prime minister also said that will go on giving financial help to associations that encourage sports.



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