Some leaders and even workers of Nyaruguru district say that exercising make a person healthy. This was said after starting an exercising program every Wednesday so as to stay healthy.

It is in this way that on this Wednesday 23rd.Nov.2011, that they met and exercised and after they shared some ideas so as to unite and work together towards better results.

Kayitasire Egide, the executive secretary of the district said, this would help them fulfill the performing polices that they promised, since it needs them to work to work together. This was supported by many people who were in that after exercising, it makes them relax and thus they work very well.

Marie Claire Niragire works at the district, she says that exercising helps her loose stress and she works well. She says, “What the secretary said is true, these discussions that we have after exercising help us a lot in fulfilling our responsibilities.”

This exercising is not in done in Nyaruguru district only but everywhere in the country where every Friday afternoon there is no work for the government workers. It’s a sports day.

Muneza Ferdinand.


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